A TRU Conversation

I would really love to have a true conversation with you! 🙂 This may seem like an inane kind of topic to have; for don’t we all have ‘conversations’ with someone most everyday? What initially started out as something that I thought might be ‘easy’ to write, turned...

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Run With TRU Determination

Here's a powerfully motivating video to help you BELIEVE  in YOURSELF! When I first watched this video, and I have watched it many times now, I was moved to tears and deeply touched and inspired by this man in so many ways. I couldn't help but sit back and really...

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Become TRUly Inspired!

I would love to give everyone of our TRU Family members a very warm welcome to Verna’s Corner. I truly want this to be a special place, a friendly place, where you sit back and relax on my comfy porch swing or curl up in our over sized rocking chairs while you sip...

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