Run With TRU Determination

by Jan 25, 2019Verna's Corner

Here’s a powerfully motivating video to help you BELIEVE  in YOURSELF!

When I first watched this video, and I have watched it many times now, I was moved to tears and deeply touched and inspired by this man in so many ways.

I couldn’t help but sit back and really ponder about what may have motivated this man, what his ‘WHY’ may have been for even beginning the race in the first place …

Whatever it was that motivated him wasn’t something ‘showy’ or a ‘look at me’; because obviously this race was long over and all the cheering crowds had been long gone.

Whatever it was that drove him to continue on to the end must have been something very deep within him and must have meant a lot on a personal level.

He must have believed in something so powerfully that it kept him motivated to stick to reaching the finish line.

Perhaps it was race to support cancer or some other disease and it was in honor of the loss of a loved one. Maybe it was in recognition for fallen victims of violence or those who served in the military. It might have been to raise money for those less fortunate in some way. It possibly may have been to support those with various challenges, be physical or emotional.

Whatever the reason may have been, you can tell that he had run his race with TRUE HEART!

I can see him in my minds’ eye, running at the beginning and then sometimes walking. I watch him trip (perhaps over his tired and sore feet) stumble and fall only to watch him pick himself up and continue limping along. As can be seen by his heavy labored breathing, shaky legs and sweat covered brow it wasn’t easy race for him to run. His sweat soaked shirt reveals how hard it must have been to find and draw on the inner strength and fortitude to keep going on. His blood streaked legs shows he must have fallen down a few times; however, through some deep inner belief and conviction, he was able to find the strength to push himself to get back up and continue on to the finish!

When you consider that at the beginning of the race he was running with everyone else. I have no doubt that he would have had their energy and support at the beginning and that it would have kept him going. However, over time he obviously fell far behind and then had to draw on his own resources, reasons, beliefs for running. He would have had to ‘dig deep’ as they say, to find and keep his conviction and purpose to help him make it to the finish line.

I do not know this man personally, however I would like to sincerely thank him from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me to believe in myself enough to stick to my ‘finish line’ in whatever I may choose to do in my life!

I would love to give him a hug to thank him for his inspiration (and so I send it out to him on the airwaves) to not only let him know and feel in some way what a difference he has no doubt made in so many other lives … but to give him some of my strength and that I believe in him and am rooting for his continued success in whatever else he may choose to do in his life!

It doesn’t matter how fast or slow we may be; we just need to believe in what we are doing and keep on going. TRU success doesn’t depend upon what we look like or how old we are. It doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor or who our friends may be or how many.

Whether it be in our job or personal life; finding TRU success comes from believing in yourself and finding joy and satisfaction.

I hope that you too will be inspired in some way from this man I have and that it may help you succeed in your life as well.

Believe in yourself as much as I believe in you!

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