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What is inaccessible to over 70% of the world, our most precious resource, and something that most of us take for granted each and every day of our lives?

Safe, clean, life-sustaining drinking water!

There have been many humanitarian organizations, hard working volunteers and outreach programs who have sought to bring about a change to this worldwide catastrophic situation and are continuing to work hard to find ways to help desperate families.
This is a HUGE problem that not only affects people in under developed countries but us living in developed countries as well.

You Can Help

Provide safe drinking water
for a Family of 6 for 3 months, for less
than a night out at the movies!

Think To The Future

Make an impact by sharing TRUWATER!
The child you help today may
be tomorrow’s leader!

Did You Know

A child dies every 20 seconds
from a waterborne disease.
Help make a difference.

What's In Your Water?

No man, woman or child should ever have to fear drinking a glass of water will make them sick or worse!

We at TRU find this not only heartbreaking and unacceptable, but felt a moral obligation and responsibility to have a part in seeking out a real solution to help anyone who does not have safe and clean water to drink.

We are honored and proud to say we have found a phenomenal product that we can offer to you. This product is the first of its kind that eliminates algae and bacteria and provides clean safe drinking water.

Just what is this answer to this serious problem you may well ask?


This groundbreaking product is environmentally sound and non-toxic to plants, animals and humans, allowing for broad usage in a variety of locations such as reservoirs, ponds, lakes and rivers.

Imagine being able to help not only humans but our fish and animal friends as well! It can be used in waste water and drinking water treatment and is ideally suited for aquaculture.

Unlike chlorine, the unique biochemical makeup of TRUWATER ensures that there are no toxic by-products, chemical taste or odor.

Yes, just imagine, water that tastes like water just by using one drop of TRUWATER. How wonderfully refreshing and simple an idea is that!

Baby Safe Drinking Water

TRUWATER TreatmentWith just one drop of TRUWATER and you will have a whole gallon of pure tasting clean water without any bacteria and algae in it.

It works by binding with algae and bacteria, which kills the organism and prevents reproduction. The biochemical composition of TRUWATER keeps the solution suspended in water which allows for an extended duration of its effectiveness.

Thus, the use of TRUWATER can help provide safe drinking water for millions of families around the world!

What uses are there for TRUWATER where once we had to use Chlorine?

TRUWATER Applications

Potable Water
Waste-water Treatment
Lakes & Ponds
Irrigation Systems
Lagoons & Canals
Fish Ponds

TRUWATER Instead Of Chlorine

Easy To Use
Low Cost
Prevents Algae Growth
No Excessive Toxic Buildup In The Environment
Kills Harmful Bacteria
Helps Control Tastes & Odors
Results In As Little As 30 minutes
Improves Water Clarity
Easy Maintenance

You might think that such a treasure would cost you an exorbitant amount of money. Well think again. What good is safe drinking water if the masses who need it cannot afford to buy it?

That was one of our goals, to find a product that will not only make our water safe and clean to drink, but make it cost effective for everyone to be able to buy it.

Amazingly, for the price of an evening out at the movies, you can have clean and safe water for at least 3 to 6 months depending on how much you use and the size of your family!

So pick up a glass and have some pure clean TRUWATER on us!

Family Enjoying Clean Drinking Water

NSF - National Sanitation FoundationTRUWATER is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) as a Standard 60 for drinking water.

It is also approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

Independent Lab Test

Calvin CollegeCalvin College in Grand Rapids, MI, USA tested the effectiveness of TRUWATER on E. coli and V. cholerae.

According to a study by University of Victoria, the average level of E. coli in water in Haiti was 2.02 CFU/mL.

At a treatment concentration of 1 ppm TRUWATER killed approximately 1,213,000 CFU/mL within 30 minutes.

At a treatment concentration of 1 ppm TRUWATER killed approximately 514,000 V. cholerae CFU/mL** within 30 minutes.

** CFU = colony forming unit
* ppm = parts per million

Dosage Rates

Calculate water volume in mL or liters.

Apply dosage of TRUWATER (see chart).

Apply 0.5-1 ppm maintenance dosage of TRUWATER every 14-21 days.

24 hours after one TRUWATER treatment at 1 ppm.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TRUWATER?

The active ingredient in TRUWATER is Copper II (Cu++).

Copper is an essential mineral and nutrient needed by the human body.

When used in small doses, such as with TRUWATER treatment, copper is in no way harmful to plants, animals or humans.

2. Is there a difference when using TRUWATER in different bodies of water?

No. TRUWATER will do the same thing wherever it is used, whether it be a pond or water system.

TRUWATER is an effective algaecide/bactericide in any body of water.

No harmful chemical compounds are produced by the copper when it kills micro-organisms.

3. When used with humans and animals, will there be any residual copper in their bodies?

Any residual copper would be well below the daily recommended intake level of 0.1 mg per 10 pounds of body weight.

Fish farmers use TRUWATER to keep fish healthy and eating regularly, thereby increasing the quality of the meat.

4. Once in the water, how long will TRUWATER keep the water clean?

Like any product, TRUWATER will need to be administered routinely. However, because of TRUWATERs ability to stay suspended in the water, treatment is needed much less often than with other chemicals.

Depending on the quality of the water, TRUWATER will stay in suspension and continue to kill bacteria and algae until all the copper ions have been used up.

After initial treatment, pools, ponds, and water systems can be maintained as little as once every 3045 days.

Stored water, such as in a tank or bottle, may not need to be retreated for up to 6 months.

5. How is TRUWATER treatment different than copper sulfate treatment?

To be effective, copper sulfate must first dissolve in water. If conditions are not favorable, the copper sulfate may not totally dissolve and instead sink to the bottom of the body of water. When this happens, copper sulfate actually becomes a pollutant and can have harmful consequences, such as a fish kill.

In contrast, TRUWATER is effective as an algaecide and bactericide immediately upon application. Additionally, TRUWATER is self-dispersing and will not result in high concentrations of copper sinking to the bottom of the body of water.

6. How is TRUWATER treatment different than chlorine treatment?

Chlorine is a contact disinfectant. It must be manually mixed into the water to kill bacteria. Chlorine is a known carcinogen (cancer-causing compound) and can create toxic byproducts during treatment. Chlorine treatment also results in offensive taste and odor in potable water.

In contrast, TRUWATER does not need to be manually mixed. The copper ions in TRUWATER are actually attracted to bacteria and algae.

TRUWATER is safe to handle and treatment does not result in toxic byproducts. Additionally, TRUWATER treatment does not add any offensive taste or odor to potable water.

7. Why use TRUWATER?

Use TRUWATER for your health. TRUWATER destroys bacteria known to cause waterborne illness.

For example, TRUWATER is effective in fighting Cholera, E. coli, and Salmonella.

TRUWATER also prevents the growth of harmful algae in water, like Blue-green algae (also known as Cyanophyta). Cyanophyta will not only make people sick, but also causes taste and odor issues.

TRUWATER removes these organisms without creating toxic or cancer-causing compounds, as chlorine or oxidation treatment can.

We hope that you found the information helpful in understanding what an amazing product TRUWATER is.

TRUWATER TreatmentTRUWATER Water Treatment Kit

Each kit contains (3) 10 mL bottles of TRUWATER drops.
This will treat 900 US Gallons or 3400 liters (enough for a Family of 4 for 3 months).


 Pure, Safe, CleanTRUWATER!

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