Positive Things That Can Come From Obstacles

by Jan 8, 2019Verna's Corner

You may think that this is an odd title … for how can obstacles possibly be considered positive?

The short definition of an obstacle is, “something literal, such as an object of some sort; or in a sense figurative, having a ‘mental block’, that stands in the way  of you making progress or reaching your intended goal or objective.”

So if something, be it yourself, others or circumstance are ‘standing in your way’ of achieving something you desire or dream about; could it ever be considered as something that is positive or prove to be a blessing for you?

I can’t help but think back to my days of school when in gym class we had to do obstacle courses in gym class, and how hard they were for me to get through. Many of us may have thought, “We aren’t going to be athletes or be in the Olympics when we grow up, so what is the point of putting ourselves through all this?” Oh, the shortsightedness of youth! 🙂

When it comes to obstacle course training, there seems to be two types; the individual kind when you challenge just yourself, or the ones you do with others for the purpose of building a strong and united team. While various sport teams, those in the military or first responders have differing obstacle course training; all essentially share an important goal … becoming competent and successful, not just individually but pulling together as a team, in order to reach a desired goal.

There is a very apropos expression in the military that says, ‘stay the course.’ Hearing those words not only helps to encourage those participating to finish the course to the end (no matter how hard it may be); but they know there will always be someone cheering them on to succeed, to help them become the best they can be!

How can thinking about obstacle courses possibly help me run a successful business and reach my goals you may ask? To answer that you need to think of the purpose behind obstacle training and how you can then apply it to running your business.

For example, as an individual, there are many rewards that you can gain from physically and mentally exerting your body to overcome and conquer the various tasks obstacle course training provides. The initial feeling that you have of satisfaction and heightened cardiovascular and body strength can be an amazing boost in building up your self-confidence.

However, if you instill within yourself a firm resolve and stick-to-itiveness attitude; you will continue to expand upon the skills necessary to to overcome these and other obstacles that may come up. This will enable you to keep growing as you develop even more stamina, flexibility, agility, speed, strength, endurance and determination.

Obstacle course training as a team can help to bring out the best in us in an all-encompassing kind of way as we strive to develop a ‘team spirit’. Instead of just focusing on just our own accomplishments and desired success, we are encouraged to open up to include helping others reach their potential as well.

Discerning the value that can come from working together as a productive group, and seeing and experiencing what you can accomplish together, will open your eyes and heart to see yourself and others in a new and beautiful way. Recognizing this will give you a richer appreciation for the individual strengths and talents that members of your team have; and that it is by utilizing these accomplishments together as a whole that is what will help each member continue to stay motivated to remain on the path of their journey in seeing their dreams become a reality.

If everyone on the team seeks to develop a cooperative and helpful ‘TRU team spirit’; the kind that says, ‘I want to see not just my business succeed but yours as well.’ then trust can begin to grow and flourish. When that level of trust begins to occur, when you can begin to rely on each other, each as having the best interests of everyone at heart, you become a TRU TEAM.

It is then that you become TRULY motivated in helping your teammates/partners become successful as well creating something wonderful; great long-lasting friendships/relationships.

Learning how to overcome obstacles also helps to sharpen your mental abilities. Training to develop effective strategies and coming to understand ‘the whyyou need to do what you do; and then focusing on how you can achieve or reach your goal is what will help make your success not just a ‘possibility’, but can become reality.

If you begin to understand that cultivating a sharing and caring attitude is a vital key to have on your ‘TRU key chain’; then you and all those on your business team, can open a door to a better lifestyle! It is by building and training yourself and your partners to become part of a ‘selfless’ team that will give everyone the greatest satisfaction and achievement as you work toward reaching desired goals. As well, begin to look at your ‘business partners’ as your ‘business mates.’ If you create this type of mindset in you and your ‘team’, a team that feels more like a family/friend/community; you will be well on your way to becoming a ‘well-oiled lean, green TRU blue working machine’!

While it is true you are each building your own individual TRU businesses; you can never forget nor minimize the fact that we need others, our business partners (mates) and customers, to help make it a thriving long-term success.

I can’t help but reflect upon what happens during times of disasters. Isn’t it amazing too see what happens when people begin to work together for the common good. Great great things are achieved!

However, don’t wait for a ‘disaster/failure’ to happen. What could be a more ‘common good’ cause than helping to improve people’s lives! Begin working together with those in your business now and you may find that many ‘disasters’ can be avoided altogether. However, if an obstacle does happen to come along; it is by building relationships and skills beforehand that you and your team mates will be better equipped to handle it.

Building a successful, enriching and satisfying TRU business can be achieved if we retrain our minds to look at obstacles differently. Try not to continue to dwell on all the hardships or disappointments you may be experiencing, but begin to focus on a more positive way to look at them. Find ways not to trip, fall and stay down over rock-like bumps in the road, or feel daunted to the put of giving up by what may seem to be like mountain-like obstacles.

When we were babies and just beginning to learn that we could crawl, how our little hands and knees could move. Then we began to discover something about ourselves … a better way to get around … our feet! I am quite sure that none of us got it right the first time we began to walk on those wobbly legs. I’m sure we had a few spills and boos boos that needed bandaging along the way, as well as getting ourselves in situations that I am sure gave our parents a scare a time or two, but did we even think of giving up? Did we say it was too hard or blame the furniture for turning over when we used it to push ourselves up?

It seems we have a built-in drive to go forward through life that starts from babyhood, and that self motivating gift is something that we don’t ever want to lose. Some of us may have been slower or wobblier when first finding our ‘legs’ than others; but once we got the hang of it, and found our center and speed, didn’t we just run and climb to explore our growing world! In one way or another we have all discovered a way to ‘walk’ through life, be it on our own locomotion, wheels or other aids!

I am always humbled and inspired to see that those who have to struggle so hard have become so strong and have such a giving spirit. They have been able to turn their challenges and obstacles into something beautiful that not only allows them happiness, but they give happiness and encouragement to those around them!

All of us need to learn how we can take those frowns and turn them right side up! 🙂 

You can begin to do this by seeing yourself growing into a … ‘TRU to yourself and others’ kind of person. Not just you in just a ‘business’ sense either; but as a ‘whole new and exciting you’ … one with a ‘new and improved attitude! If you can visualize yourself in this way, you will soon find your inner strength will kick in to meet any challenge and your newly discovered sense of determination will come to the rescue to meet obstacle in your path.

Then, through the wisdom and experience you have gained, by training your ‘personal and business muscles’ to ‘stay the course’… you will find yourself wanting to share those same gem-like skills with others!

Learning from the successes of others is important. However, I also think that since we are all individuals and have our own unique personalities, experiences and circumstances; we also need to find what works for us. What makes one person excited may not be the case with someone else. Each individual will have their own goals, needs and desires depending on their particular needs.

If we go back to the definition of what an ‘obstacle can stand in the way of’ wasn’t just reaching the goal … but the progress that we need to go through before we attain it.

Never forget that any progress you make in your life; whether it be in your personal life or in building your TRU business you need to consider all of it, big or small, as being a part of your own special success journey!

So, when a bump in the road comes along to discourage you, instead of throwing up your hands in defeat or giving up, just change your point of view. Look at is it as a ‘stepping stone,’ as something that is part of ‘your on the job training’ that is going to make your legs stronger and your heart beat healthier!

If it is something that seems bigger than a stone and seems more like a mountain; get some ‘mountain gear’ ready, do your homework in trying to find out how to overcome it. Find that inner fortitude to electrify you to ‘push through it’. Find someone who has some mountaineering experience, put your hiking boots on, and get climbing … I am sure the view at the top will be well worth it!

The longer you stick with anything the more proficient you will become. Then as you gain more experience and wisdom along the way you will not only see how far you have come … but you will feel an unbelievably wonderful sense of achievement of a job well done!

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to succeed in whatever you do and to help others to do the same!

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