Become TRUly Inspired!

by Jan 4, 2019Verna's Corner

I would love to give everyone of our TRU Family members a very warm welcome to Verna’s Corner. I truly want this to be a special place, a friendly place, where you sit back and relax on my comfy porch swing or curl up in our over sized rocking chairs while you sip your favorite beverage. I will try to ‘serve’ up some tasty tidbits that will hopefully be of some use to lift your spirits as you build and expand your TRU business. Hopefully you will find some and helpful comments on various products or strategies or just some encouraging thoughts that pop into my mind.

Whatever may spring forth from my fingers to appear on my screen is all in the interest of being supportive, useful, and inspiring to you in some measure.

Wishing you a lovely day each and every day as you are TRU to yourself and others,

Verna 🙂

Become TRUly Inspired!

What is it that inspires you?

Is it the awe you feel when you see an early morning sunrise, evening sunset; or the calming effect that a field of flowers blowing gently in the breeze may stir?

Perhaps it is feeling the power of the ocean’s surf as it crashes on the shore that invigorates and motivates you to action?

Maybe you are the kind of person who loves the antics of various types of animals to bring that bubble of laughter that you just can’t contain and you can’t help sharing that feeling with others?

Could it be the feeling a deep inner satisfaction of helping someone in need of love and care or listening to peaceful music and soothes or stirs your soul?

What about seeing or hearing about someone being rescued or a doctor saving a life? Or might be something as simple and yet profound as the softness that washes over you when you watching a baby peacefully sleeping and know you want to make their future safer and brighter.

Whatever it is that may inspire you can be something different each and every day. Whatever it may be all of our inspirations begins with a connection to something that you experience and feel personally. It is these deep seated emotions and feelings that are stirred up from within that makes you act in some way.

The same can be true when it comes to how you feel about TRU. If you can find that “special something” that attracted you to TRU and stirred your feelings of excitement, challenge, hope, belief or whatever it may have when you think of what attracted you to the point that you were motivated to become part of our TRU family, this can be the key that opens the door to you becoming more effective and successful in getting that message across to others.

For example, for me it wasn’t mainly about the potential income that TRU represented (although who wouldn’t like to have some extra pennies in their piggy bank 😉 it was knowing that I could really help others in a real and lasting way. That poor and rich alike could benefit from reasonably priced and effective products that could change their lives in ways they may have never dreamed could be possible.

There is also the aspect that through fund-raising for people’s favorite charities, schools and organizations they could help others. As well, let us not forget when TRUMANITY kicks off, we as a group of caring and sharing people’ whether we be business builders or treasured customers, we can all together help further worthwhile causes! There are literally so many options that we have at our disposal through TRU that we can use to appeal to others in so many ways!

My advice to you is don’t try to learn everything all at once. How much easier is it to climb stairs, one at a time instead of two or three? Some may be younger or more energetic, but in the end, if we keep climbing, we all can make it to the top. Or when we eat a meal do we stuff everything in our mouth at once and then try to chew and swallow it down? It isn’t easy, or good for our digestion, either. 

The ‘experts’ suggest we take small bites, chew it well before swallowing; to get the most beneficial and best tasting results out of the food and what is best for long term health for our bodies.

So, take TRU a ‘step at a time’ or a ‘small bite’ at a time and you will soon find yourself steadily climbing and relishing in the taste of your own definition of success!

Find the special thing that inspires and ignites a spark within you and let it be the beginning of lighting a fire in your life as you pursue whatever makes you TRUly happy!

Once you find what it is about TRU that creates in you that feeling of excitement and that is something you can sincerely believe in … that will help to stir a fire inside you and keep you motivated to share with others the vision we have for our future!

I also find that listening to inspiring music and pictures puts me in a positive frame of mind and encourages and motivates a positive feeling to my day.

With that in mind I would like to share with you some videos in my little articles that you can be inspired from!

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