A TRU Conversation – Part 2 – The Power Of A Smile

by Feb 28, 2019Verna's Corner

So, where were we? Oh yes …

🙂 Hi, how are you 🙂

Easy beginning right … but where do we go from there you may be asking?

That of course would depend upon who it is you are conversing with.

If it is a friend, relative or an acquaintance whom you already know you may have an idea of what they may say. However, if it is a stranger it might seem to be a wee bit more daunting.

The very first thing and most important thing that will open a door to having a true conversation with anyone is to look them in the eye and give them a warm and friendly smile. If you are across a room and you see someone you want to speak with, give them a friendly wave and a sincere smile as you are walking up to them. This will let them know immediately that you are looking forward to talking with them; that they mean something to you.

A sincere smile is a beautiful thing. One of the best things about it is that it is contagious; as most people will find themselves smiling back at you. You may be wondering what I mean by a sincere smile and why is it that important.

A sincerely meant smile involves not just turning up your lips at someone. A true smile involves your heart and eyes. Most people can tell the difference between a fake smile and a real smile. Thus, if you are smiling with good intentions, caring and sincerity toward someone it will be immediately reflected upon the one(s) you are speaking with.

Have you ever had someone give you a ‘fake smile, one that didn’t quite reach their eyes? How did it make you feel? If you are like so many of us, it probably had you feeling rather cold, suspicious and on guard. You no doubt drew back from them emotionally and tended not to trust or believe whatever they had to say you.

On the other hand, if someone gave you a genuinely warm smile, you no doubt ‘felt’ it. That sincerely meant smile no doubt enveloped you immediately with more positive feelings and more easily drew you toward them. It would go a long way in helping you feel safer and more secure; rather like having your favorite warm fuzzy blanket with you, and you probably felt much more comfortable with them.

Yes, a smile is a powerful thing!

Every time you smile your brain releases feel good emotions that can make you feel happier and lighter and help to calm you down. The more sincere and real your smile is, the better you will ‘feel’ it.

Do you remember me mentioning in the previous article, that having a true conversation is a two-way street? Well, so it goes with sharing a smile!

As humans we have a kind of built in emotional empathy connection toward others. This can be seen by how we copy, or mirror, the expressions of others. We can have a whole ‘true conversation’ just by our facial expressions alone.

If, for example, we see someone with a sad expression we may find ourselves empathetically reflecting that sad expression ourselves. Then, in our sincere desire to reach out to them to comfort them, we can feel our expression changing to a more caring and concerned one. Seeing this compassion on our face and in our eyes, can then in turn help the other person connect to us and feel cared about and to perhaps slowly help to lighten their expression. We may then give them a small smile of kindness, a smile to show them that we want to understand whatever it may be that they are going through, and before they know it, they may just find themselves giving us a small smile back.

Then, those ‘feel good’ receptors will naturally be released in their brain and you will have helped them feel a wee bit better; and then you too will feel better because you see their smile. What an amazing thing a heartfelt true conversation can be!

The same goes when you speak with someone about something exciting you want to tell them about and have a great big happy smile on your face. Your smile is so happy and sincere that it is honestly contagious and they soon find themselves smiling right back at you.

If you are in a crowd situation and you smile at someone and share something with them that is positive think how quickly that gets relayed around the room. Before you know it, people are sharing that smile with others and they in turn are sharing it with others until, pretty soon, you can have a whole roomful of chatty smiling happy feeling people.

Just imagine … all of this connecting, sharing, and feeling good emotions with others began with sharing a simple sincere smile!

So, a true conversation begins with two things

Look into their eyes …
Give them a sincerely meant smile
and say
A simple howdy do!

What comes next in a true conversation you may be wondering at this point?

🙂 Hi, How are you …? 🙂

This could possibly be the hardest and yet easiest part of beginning a true conversation for us …


To Be Continued … 😉

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